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The DOT Safety Audit Guide management program

Stay ahead of the DOT Auditor, avoid fines, be CSA Ready!
Order eBook SAG101 $14.95

Driver Qualification Training - Part 380(E) on PowerPoint
Required for "new" CDL Drivers
Order Number 380eBook $9.95

Supervisors' Reasonable Suspicion Training
DOT Required for ALL CDL driver Supervisors
Order Number RS603e $9.95

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  Driver's Hours of Service - Part 395
  For vehicles over 10,001 pounds
  or any commercial  motor  vehicle (CMV).
  The No 1 violation area for DOT civil/criminal enforcement.
  Order 395D ebook $9.95

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CMV Safety Inspection / Load Securement Guide
Prepare personnel for Pretrip, Post-trip & Roadside Inspections, Load Securement, & Safety
Order No. SI393 $9.95

Did you know:
- Compliance Safety Accountability (the new DOT enforcement program) “interventions” (incl. audits) may be triggered by roadside stops?
- cargo insurance policies will NOT cover losses due to bad load securement?

Safety Leadership
Advanced Safety Management for the DOT's new CSA Enforcement Program and OSHA's renewed enforcement push.
NEW: Safety Leader's Handbook
Safety Leader's Handbook ebook
NOT $129.95Only $4.75

  Hours of Service Audit Manual
  The No 1 Audit/problem area is checking Hours of Service/Logs.
Avoid big fines or re-audit
  Order 395A ebook $9.95
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Recent E-mail: "I also wanted to mention that Indiana Recycling Center passed the first Safety Audit! Thank you!
Thank you for your time and patience!" MB