A $6,500.00 fine for being on a restricted route?

RegulationsIs it legal to charge a driver $6,500.00 for being on a restricted route?

Restricted routes may include:

  • Vehicles carrying Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) that cannot travel in tunnels or certain areas;
  • Motor homes and vehicles towing trailers (camping or travel) that are carrying propane tanks;
  • Vehicles over the legal maximum height, width and length dimensions. For example, Maryland (opens .pdf file) restricts combination vehicles towing a semi-trailer exceeding 48 feet in length up to, but not exceeding 53 feet in length, certain car/boat haulers, Maxi-cube combinations, and doubles, to certain routes.

Your state may publish a Motor Carrier Guide with this information. Your State Police or Highway Patrol or Department of Public Safety may have information on restricted truck routes.

Violations can result in fines from hundreds to thousands of dollars. It’s advisable to consult with an attorney, if you have been cited.

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