Top Safety Tip: Neon Safety Belts

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Use of safety belts by truck drivers is on the rise. Safety conscious organizations have a safety belt policy and they enforce it. Why? Professional drivers use their safety belts because they know safety belts save lives.

But safety belt use is still not 100%. Sometimes we’re in a hurry and forget to buckle up. Sometimes we get distracted. But the benefits of wearing a safety belt are clear — as we noted in a previous post:

• Would have saved 3 out of every 5 people killed in vehicle crashes.
• Reduces the risk of fatal or serious injury by up to 50%.
• Ensures driver control of the vehicle— when it is needed most.
• Protects the driver’s head, spinal cord, organs and limbs.
• In a rollover a truck driver is 80% less likely to die.

Paul Abelson, who just retired in October after thirty years of writing about trucks, recommends equipping trucks with orange, yellow, or neon green seat belts. He says,

“They stand out, and you can see at a glance if they are being used. Check your drivers as they exit and enter the yard and at jobsites.”







Safety Belts now Come in Up to 30 Colors

So the next time your are spec’ing your fleet or retrofitting your safety belts, consider using colors that stand out.

An oft-heard complaint from drivers is that they had their safety belt on when stopped for a roadside inspection, but the officer did not notice before they unbelted and this resulted in a citation and CSA points. Use of a brightly colored safety belt may help reduce these types of citations and give your company the safety edge.

Thank you for reading this, and many thanks and best wishes to Paul Abelson on his new endeavors.

Have a super-safe day.

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