Beware The Indy Ramps

Indy ramp crash

Beware of the ‘Circle City’ Loop

Interstate 465 (I-465), also known as the USS Indianapolis Memorial Highway, named for the WWII ship that sank on the night of July 30, 1945, stretches 53 miles around the capital of Indiana.

RTV6 of Indianapolis ran a story on risky I-465 ramps, some with older design features like I-465 eastbound onto I-69 northbound (Exit 37), some with blind spots, that can result in cars waiting too long to exit and making risky moves resulting in a conflict or crash.

The chart of interchanges around Indianapolis shows which ones have high crash rates (for all types of vehicles).

Risky ramps for all types of vehicles.


Note that except for I65 and I70, all major highways are routed around the city, with I-465. A one-mile section between exits 46 and 47 carries eight routes — I-465, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 52, US 421, SR 37 and SR 67.

The speed limit is 55 MPH, but traffic speeds may be around 65 MPH.

I-465 speeding violations

So if you have to travel around Indianapolis over the holidays or on your normal work day, please be extra cautious going around the I-465 loop.

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