Removing Tire Debris with a Gasket Puller

Tire Inspection Quick Tip

Gasket Puller

The gasket or seal puller hand tool.











Here’s a tire inspection quick tip: Use a gasket (seal & bearing) puller tool to remove debris found in the grooves of the tire.

Every day small stones, bits of rock and sometimes even metal can get stuck between the grooves of truck tires. Although some tires have built-in rubber stone ejectors, they can fail to do the job they were engineered for.

Stones or bits of metal or glass can start working their way into the tire and need to be removed before causing greater damage to the belts or cords or ultimately tire failure.

A gasket puller makes quick and easy work of tire debris removal.

A gasket puller can be found at most automotive part stores for about $10 or less. Get the most of out your tire investment by frequent inspections and a professional level of care.

Removing tire debris with a gasket puller.

Removing tire debris with a gasket puller.











Use the gasket or seal puller when doing a pre-trip, en-route or post-trip inspection, while waiting at a dock or anytime after driving on areas where road debris is found.

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