Please Don’t Pull out in Front of Me

“Please don’t pull out in front of me . . .”

One of the strangest realizations when driving a truck is that, as big as the vehicle is, your truck is invisible. Drivers will look up, seemingly make eye contact and pull out right in front of the truck.

Train engineers experience this as well.


Driving Blind

There are various theories for this happening. Sometimes the mind of the observer cannot connect something big coming toward them with its actual velocity.

If one observes a 747 Landing, it appears to be hanging in the air and yet the “drop speed” is 140 knots or about 160 MPH.

A-pillar Blind Spot.

At times drivers glance up and don’t look around their A-pillar blind spot.


Or drivers are simply not attentive to driving . . .

There Are Many Reasons Drivers Don’t See You

Drivers may be distracted. Drivers may be under the influence. Drivers may have limited eyesight or multiple blind spots in their vision. Eyesight can change overnight. There are as many distractions as there are drivers.


Drive defensively. Use the Smith System of driving. The idea for Harold L. Smith’s copyrighted system for safe driving came to him in the Navy during WWII when he read a notice on a board in Guam pointing out how many servicemen were dying in car collisions. After the war, Smith researched vehicle collisions and concluded the majority of collisions were caused by “a lack of vision.”

The Smith System of Driving

  • Aim High In Steering ® —Looking further ahead than other drivers
  • Get The Big Picture ® —Seeing more around you than other drivers
  • Keep Your Eyes Moving ® —Being more aware than other drivers
  • Leave Yourself An Out ® —Positioning in traffic better than other drivers
  • Make Sure They See You ® —Making yourself more visible than other drivers

Distracted driving is on the rise. More people than ever are texting, phoning or driving inattentively. There are more drivers taking meds or combinations of meds that could affect their driving. There are simply more drivers out there than before and the need for defensive driving is greater than ever.

Thank you for reading this.