Fleet Compliance & Safety Manual for Nonprofit/Non-Business Private Motor Carrier of Passengers

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Updated Fleet Safety Management Program

Do you carry people without charging them? Church Bus or Van Ministry? Private School or Association? Non-Business PMCP? Are your operations subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?

Fleet Compliance and Safety Manual for Non-Business PMCPs-now only $14.95
Here is what you will learn
  1. • Requirements after obtaining a US DOT number
  2. • Setting up the Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  3. • Required policies, procedures and protocols
  4. • CMV Driver Qualification (with sample forms)
  5. • Required driver background investigations
  6. • Drug & Alcohol Testing for CDL drivers
  7. • Duties of the company D.E.R.
  8. • Driver Inspections
  9. • Managing Driver "Hours of Service" Part 395
  10. • The DOT Accident Register

And more, much more . . . Know the requirements and become more confident.

Conforming With U.S. Department of Transportation FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY REGULATIONS Covering DOT Safety Audits, Compliance Reviews, Interventions, and Insurance Company Requirements