Machine Shop Cited by OSHA; Residential Construction Fall Protection Enforcement Extended

A machine shop in Akron, Ohio was cited with 16 safety violations resulting in a $66,000 proposed penalty.

Eight serious safety violations involve failing to evaluate each powered industrial truck operator’s performance at least once every three years, regularly inspect powered industrial vehicles, establish proper lockout/tagout procedures for the energy sources of equipment, use undamaged web slings, properly guard machines and reduce compressed air used for cleaning to 30 pounds per square inch.

Seven serious health violations involve failing to properly store flammable and combustible materials, use undamaged welding helmets, provide fire extinguishers, and use explosion-proof electrical fixtures in the paint room. One “other-than-serious” violation was failing to train workers on using and cleaning respirators.

OSHA extends temporary enforcement measures in residential construction
through December 15, 2012

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will extend for three months its temporary enforcement in residential construction. The temporary enforcement measures, now extended through December 15, 2012 include priority free on-site compliance assistance, penalty reductions, extended abatement dates, measures to ensure consistency, and increased outreach. Fatalities from falls are the number one cause of workplace death in construction.


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