“Do nothing” – our main Competition . . .

Competition is good. Competition keeps us sharper and focused on serving our clients and customers.

But what if the competition is a ‘wait and see attitude.’ In short, “Do nothing.”

Why do organizations put off the inevitable? For some it’s because they are what cognitive psychologists call “performance oriented,” or strive to achieve outcomes to demonstrate their current abilities. They stick to what they know well. What’s wrong with that?

One result in simply focusing on one’s “domain” is that while results are self-satisfying in “doing what you know and knowing what you do,” they can also be limiting and sometimes even self-defeating.

One industrial psychologist, Dr. Robert Kinsel Smith, has discovered that, “Many managers avoid situations they don’t know how to fix.” But effective managers (.pdf), he says, meet problems head on.

To effectively deal with DOT regulations, start by developing a different attitude and mindset toward them. Go through the regulations — not around them.

Doing nothing is no longer an option. We have some of the the tools and techniques to help you meet and exceed DOT requirements. Please visit us at http://part380.com/