Carriers Identified and Prioritized for CSA Interventions by BASIC


Will you “qualify” for a DOT Audit?

Here’s the scoop: a bad collision or crash can trigger a DOT Audit. But so can a series of crashes. How many? Says the DOT:

“These crash rates were calculated by the FMCSA on a national scale and do not indicate or predict a crash rate for an individual carrier. The crash rate is the number of crashes per 100 vehicles. The national average for all carriers is 3.43 crashes/ 100 vehicles.”


Carriers targeted for enforcement, due to their Vehicle Maintenance BASIC, the fourth bar in the graph, had a average of 5.65 crashes per 100 trucks and/or buses.

Crash Rates per BASIC:

  • Driver Fitness 3.11
  • HAZMAT 4.49
  • Drug/Alcohol 4.61
  • Maintenance 5.56
  • Hours of Service 6.26
  • Accidents 6.34
  • Unsafe Driving 6.61

If your BASIC is flagged and your company has had a higher than average crash rate, then expect some sort of response from the DOT, up to and including an audit. Audits may be unannounced.

Note: most fleets don’t have hundreds of vehicles. One or two crashes may be enough to trigger a DOT intervention for a smaller fleet.

Source: From The Carrier Safety Measurement System (CSMS)Effectiveness Test by Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) report, dated January 2014.


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