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Just the facts . . .

Just the Facts . . .

The U.S. DOT is very concerned about bridge strikes (topping a trailer, van box or load) and use (or ¬†improper use) of Global Positioning Systems (GPS). At least these topics are the first things listed under “Carrier & Vehicle Safety” on the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) FAQs page.

“The Agency views bridge strikes as a serious safety hazard resulting in injury and loss of life, damage to infrastructure, interruption of commerce, and delays in travel times.”

Their solution: drivers need to increase awareness of route selection by paying attention to signs and using only proper GPS systems, designed for trucks and buses. And by the way, The DOT reminds us that the maximum penalty for failing to comply with a posted route restriction, such as a sign along a roadway, is $11,000 for a company and/or $2,750 for a driver, and, of course, a bad CSA score.

But they are doing their part, too:

  • The FMCSA will work with its State and local partners to ensure they understand their enforcement authority against motor carriers and drivers that fail to abide by roadway signs.

They have a GPS brochure for drivers (opens in .pdf file).

The DOT admits it does not know if topping a trailer or load on a bridge or overpass due to improper GPS is really a problem.

FMCSA’s information systems do not have crash statistics associated with the use of electronic navigation systems.¬†However, even one truck or bus striking an overpass is one too many . . .

The DOT’s FMCSA FAQs page looks like this:


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