Operation Airbrake Inspection Procedures

Roadside Inspection

Brake Safety Week is an annual nationwide enforcement program focused on improvement of commercial vehicle brake safety throughout North America.

National Brake Safety Week, starts Sunday September 6th and runs through Sept. 12.

Inspection Items (from CVSA

  • Driver License
  • Registration
  • Low Air Warning Device
  • Pushrod Travel (Adjustment)
  • Brake Linings/Drums
  • Air Loss Rate (If leak detected)
  • Tractor Protection System

Brake inspections conducted during Brake Safety Week include inspection of brake-system components to identify:

  • Loose or missing parts,
  • Air or hydraulic fluid leaks,
  • Worn linings, pads, drums or rotors, and
  • Other faulty brake-system components.

Antilock braking systems (ABS) malfunction indicator lamps also are checked. Inspectors will inspect brake components and measure the pushrod stroke when appropriate. Defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will result in the vehicle being placed out of service.

Results for 2014

Of the vehicles inspected, the Out-of-Service (OOS) rate for all brake-related violations conducted in North America was 16.2 percent, compared with 13.5 percent for the 2013 event. The OOS rate for brake adjustment rose to 10.4 percent from 9.0 percent in 2013. The OOS rate for brake components was 9.3 percent, up from 7.1 percent in 2013.

Note: All brakes and equipment need to be 100% (zero defects, zero mechanical faults) every time a commercial motor vehicle leaves the yard. That is the standard under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Most, do, meet that standard.


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