A Simple DOT File Organization System

Introducing the Progressive Reporting Agency

Half of any task is planning and organization. Chris Vernon, who recently returned from a deployment to Afghanistan as an Engineer Company Commander, took some of his organizational skills from his business and military experiences to form the Progressive Reporting Agency.

Progressive Reporting Agency is a DOT compliance service bureau based in Midvale, UT, dedicated to helping companies with DOT regulated trucks and drivers.

Organized for Success

One of their products is an Audit Assistance Package consisting of a series of nine folders. Each folder has a checklist printed on the jacket as to what the folder must contain. Additional forms are available for download.

Progressive’s 9 Folder system:
1. General Company Documents
2. Insurance
3. Accident Register
4. Driver Qualification (DQ) File
5. Drug &Alcohol Testing
6. Record of Duty Status-RODS (Log Books)
7. Maintenance – Tractor
8. Maintenance – Trailer
9. Maintenance Plan

General file jacket

“DOT Audit preparation is critical.  We have a proven system that is an easy to follow DOT Audit Checklist that has nine folders, including a folder with everything you need for your driver qualification files, helping ensure you have all the required documentation organized and ready for your DOT Safety Audit.”  Progressive Reporting Agency

Over the years in visiting and talking to transportation business owners or their staff, I have seen literally an “all or nothing” attitude with their DOT paperwork. Getting organized is the first step to getting it done.

It’s not only the DOT that may want to see your files and paperwork. Insurance companies also have a right to inspect your files as well . . .

For more information:

Progressive Reporting Agency
7304 S 300 W, Ste 201
Midvale, UT 84047
Email info@progressivereporting.com

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