Periodic Inspection Training (PIT)

cropped-mast1.jpgThe Michigan Trucking Association offers Periodic Inspection Training (PIT) classes each quarter. This is a two day class held in Lansing, MI.

What are Periodic Inspections?

Every commercial motor vehicle shall be inspected as required by this section. The inspection shall include, at a minimum, the parts and accessories set forth in Appendix G of this subchapter. §396.17 Periodic inspection

Part 396.17 refers to the the annual or “Periodic inspection” that must be done on every truck, trailer, and converter dolly if so equipped that is used in business (commerce).

Inspectors must be qualified. Are your Part 396.17 inspectors properly qualified? Most are not.

Inspector Qualifications


(a) Motor carriers and intermodal equipment providers must ensure that individuals performing annual inspections under § 396.17(d) or (e) are qualified as follows:

(1) Understand the inspection criteria set forth in part 393 and appendix G of this subchapter and can identify defective components;

(2) Are knowledgeable of and have mastered the methods, procedures, tools and equipment used when performing an inspection; and

(3) Are capable of performing an inspection by reason of experience, training, or both as follows:

(i) Successfully completed a Federal-or State-sponsored training program or have a certificate from a State or Canadian Province that qualifies the individuals to perform commercial motor vehicle safety inspections, or

(ii) Have a combination of training or experience totaling at least 1 year. Such training or experience may consist of:

(A) Participation in a commercial motor vehicle manufacturer-sponsored training program or similar commercial training program designed to train students in commercial motor vehicle operation and maintenance;

(B) Experience as a mechanic or inspector in a motor carrier or intermodal equipment maintenance program;

(C) Experience as a mechanic or inspector in commercial motor vehicle maintenance at a commercial garage, fleet leasing company, or similar facility; or

(D) Experience as a commercial motor vehicle inspector for a State, Provincial or Federal government.

(b) Motor carriers and intermodal equipment providers must retain evidence of that individual’s qualifications under this section. They must retain this evidence for the period during which that individual is performing annual motor vehicle inspections for the motor carrier or intermodal equipment provider, and for one year thereafter. However, motor carriers and intermodal equipment providers do not have to maintain documentation of inspector qualifications for those inspections performed either as part of a State periodic inspection program or at the roadside as part of a random roadside inspection program.

Options for Qualification

There are two and only options listed above in 396.19:

  1. Training, or
  2. Training and experience

There are few training courses available in the U.S. like the PIT classes at the Michigan Trucking Association.

Being a truck mechanic does not qualify one to do periodic inspections, even if holding a state license. This training is essential.


Michigan Trucking Association
1131 Centennial Way, Lansing, MI

Next class is April 6-7th, 2016 and it’s full.

Thank you for reading this.

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