Who’s In Your Bathroom . . . The Gov’t Wants to Know

Rest area

Take a Break, Maybe . . .

At times, using public restrooms can be a little creepy. You never know what you might find . . . from bad graffiti to the by-products of someone’s bad habits.

Imagine you are a truck driver and have to rely exclusively on public rest facilities . . .

The American Trucking Association says more women drivers are needed by the industry. The ATA is perplexed that only about 5% of long-haul drivers are women.

My theory as to one reason there are few women truck drivers is because public restrooms are not always available when needed or not always up to standards.

This is a problem for all truck drivers, not just women. Like the old saying . ..  when you gotta go, you gotta go.

It is not always possible to find or even use rest facilities when they are needed. Location is an issue. Parking is an issue. Security can be an issue.

Drivers, left to their own devices, have responded with the notorious “trucker bomb” . . . and worse. During an inspection, one mechanic found a hole cut in the floorboard . . .  over the engine . . .

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that finding a rest stop or rest facility is not always possible for many truck drivers.

But Wait . . . There’s More!

Now the federal government has issued guidelines that schools need to open public restrooms and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex, if that person does not “identify” with their own gender. The government’s theory is that equal access is a civil right . . .

If so, it won’t be long before all public restrooms will be required to follow Washington’s directives. All public restrooms will essentially become uni-sex like in the old Soviet Union or former Eastern Block countries . . .

While undoubtedly some will applaud, not everybody will be able to handle it. I’ve had one driver tell me he quit truck driving because he was stuck over the weekend in a Chicago terminal that had no facilities and dispatch would not allow him to move his truck. Because of the area and being at night, he was afraid to walk several miles to find a restroom.

How comfortable would a lady feel walking into a public rest facility late at night with several men in it?

Take Action Today

Contact your local schools and tell the school administration how you feel on this bathroom issue.

Contact your Representatives at both the State and Federal levels, as well.

Phone, email or write a letter. Even if you have never written a letter in your life.

Let’s keep the government out of our bathrooms . . .

Thank you for reading this.

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