Shortcuts . . . Taking the Low Road

In the ditchTaking the Low Road . . .

Shortcuts seem to offer a quick way to get where you want to go. This driver saw a number of cars cutting across a medium to a service road and decided to follow their lead.

Unfortunately he was driving a heavy vehicle and quickly became bogged down.

But say that he did make it across. This driver probably did not factor in all the up and down stresses and strains that would be put on the frame and on the trailer’s walls. Twisting the truck and trailer can cause both obvious damage or even hidden damage that can shorten the life of the vehicle.

Using (or abusing) a vehicle in a manner it was not designed is never a good idea. It is a recipe for disaster.

Stick to what you know. What works for another vehicle may not work for yours . . .

Here is the original video . . .

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