What is a ‘Process Agent’ and who needs one?

What is a process agent?

A process agent is like having a “legal mailing address” in another state. The process agent is able to accept legal papers on your behalf and then forward the documents on to you. This saves your company the expense of establishing a “live” office in that state.

According to the DOT:

“A process agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder. Every motor carrier (of property or passengers) shall make a designation for each State in which it is authorized to operate and for each State traversed during such operations. Brokers are required to list process agents in each state in which they have an office and in which they write contracts. FMCSA Regulation 49 CFR Part 366 details more about The Designation of Process Agents by Motor Carriers and Brokers.”

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Who needs a Process Agent?

If you have a MC (motor carrier) number, or are a broker or freight forwarder, then you need a process agent. A process agent is required by the federal regulations. A process agent is needed in each state you operate or travel in. Many companies operating in the continental 48 states request “blanket” process agent service.

Who does not need a process agent?

If you are not doing business in other states (interstate operations), then you would not need a process agent. If you are a private motor carrier (not “for hire”), do not have “authority,” then you would not need a process agent.

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