Operation Safe Driver Week is in Full Swing

Roadside Inspection

This week marks the CVSA’s 2015 Operation Safe Driver Week which runs October 18-24.

The goals of Safe Driver Week include increasing vehicle traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance, all aimed at pinpointing unsafe driving behaviors.

The top five warnings and citations issued to CMV drivers were:

  1. Speeding
  2. Failure to use a safety belt
  3. Failure to obey traffic control devices
  4. Improper lane change
  5. Following too closely.
  • 392.2S Speeding may result in up to 10 CSA Severity points, depending on the speed and/or location (school or construction zone, etc.).
  • 392.16 Failing to use seat belt while operating CMV has a Violation Severity Weight of 7 points.
  • 392.2LC Improper lane change and 392.2FC Following too close can result in 5 points each.
  • 392.2C Failure to obey traffic control device is pegged at 5 points.

These types of infractions are considered Dangerous Driving and a number of these violations will result in a company’s Unsafe Driving BASIC to be flagged with an Alert.

Best Practices

Don’t wait for the DOT to flag your CSA scores. Unsafe Driving violations are considered problem driver behaviors by the DOT.

But it’s not the DOT’s problem.

Review your CSA scores, safety and performance data. If you have repeated bad players with bad driving habits on your team, they need to change their problem behaviors.

Like right now . . .

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