Worth Repeating . . .


Officials said a man was driving a box truck with his son in the passenger seat when he swerved to miss a tractor trailer that was pulling off of the shoulder back into the travel lane.
The box truck reportedly struck the rear end of the tractor trailer.

Worth Repeating

It appears from the above photo that the tractor trailer was in the breakdown lane. The breakdown lane is named the breakdown lane because it is for emergency use only.

Why was the driver in the breakdown lane? To make a phone call, according to WSOC-TV.

The tractor-trailer driver is being charged with “misdemeanor death by vehicle” and is being held on a $1 million bond.

The diver of the box truck has been hospitalized and his passenger — his 12 year old son — did not survive the collision.

It is worth repeating: if you do not have an emergency, then stay out of the breakdown lane. Making a phone call, checking a map, even running out of fuel, are not considered roadside emergencies.

Check your fuel, check your map and make your calls before getting on the highway.

No Passengers

A second point that arises from this incident — one you may not like — is that trucks are no place for additional passengers.

I say that having ridden in trucks from an early age.

Passengers can get hurt by climbing in and out of trucks. A while back, a young lady fell out of a cab in Michigan and was fatally injured.

Each passenger represents an element of risk.

The Federal regulations say no passengers in any commercial vehicle and they are there for a reason. Most (if not all) insurance companies do not want commercial vehicles or work trucks to carry any unnecessary passengers . . . ever.

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