Move Over for Tow Trucks – Now!

On Monday, August 27, Blake Gresham, a young man only 18 years of age, while assisting a disabled motorist on I-35, was killed “on impact” by a passing truck, according to KCTV-5 News. Blake played football and graduated early from high school to work at his father’s towing company.

Motorists need to move over at least one lane when passing a tow truck. In several states (Texas and New York), it’s already the law. Other states have “move-over” laws for police or first responders, sometimes for state highway vehicles as well.

But no law can replace common courtesy and a “drive friendly” attitude. No law can replace the need to drive defensively, looking out for the other guy. No law can ever replace Blake.

Please consider donating to:

“Move Over for Blake,” c/o BankLiberty, P.O. Box 1158, Platte City, MO 64079

a nonprofit organization formed to raise safety awareness for towers and emergency personnel who work on our roadways.